“Water Wise Women Initiative”

Since several decades Jordan is facing a severe water crisis that is growing and knowledge on concrete water management and protective measures is scarce. With the slogan “We are depleting water at the expense of our children” sustainable mechanisms for behavior change on the community level are established in rural and urban areas. Women are traditionally responsible for water management on the household and in selected fields also on the community level. 7 groups of each up to 20 women of all ages and educational backgrounds are qualified to become “change agents” in water use and protection. They reach out to their communities and spread the message and appropriate tools. Currently, the initiative reaches approximately 2000 households in seven communities. Women who are interested have the opportunity to take a plumbing course and receive a repair kit with the required tools.

Raising Awareness Against Early Marriage

Two girls sitting next to each other and laughing contendedly.In Jordan, early marriage has been socially and culturally accepted for a long time. GIZ supported the „Sisterhood is Global Institute“ to conduct campaigns and trainings in secondary schools and community centres for young women and parents as well as religious dignitaries and politicians. Beyond raising awareness, a broad public debate was initiated that increased the political pressure for legislative changes.
The Mufti, the highest Islamic authority in the district of Jerash, announced his public support for the campaign. Given the social and cultural significance of Islam in Jordan, his support was critically important. In addition, all major Arabic language newspapers in Jordan reported on the risks involved in underage marriage, as did the national news agency Petra, thus helping to disseminate information. In many respects the campaign run was exemplary, and broke new ground in Jordan.

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